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Friday, January 30, 2009

I've got a fever...

Since last Saturdays long run down by Lake Michigan I have not run since…hummmmm…I have only trained twice via my tri-bike since then also…a short-term "funk" has set in but I’ll be back down by the lakefront tomorrow morning to get in a 13 mile run. Also on Sunday I plan on going up to Barrington Hills to run the hilly Home Economist group run which is a 10.6 mile loop. This back to back mid-long run days will help me to continue my aerobic running base training so when I start my 12 week Indy Mini half marathon training on February 8th 2008 I’ll be raring to go!!!

On a side note cabin fever has really hit me hard this week plus I’m itchin’ to get the Ridley Dean TT/Tri bike built up soon…

Have a great weekend everyone :-)


Thursday, January 29, 2009

repair and move onwards...

Wednesday night:

After finding out I completely cracked the left aluminum Grafton crank arm on my old cannondale tri-bike I bolted the thing back on for now till proper repairs can be made...I have my old, original crank arm set which I'll put back on the bike later this week...

Anyways I put the tri-bike on the Kinetic trainer and spun easy with a couple interval pulls for 45 minutes time. I covered 12.1 miles with an average HR of 108bpm and max HR during an interval of 139bpm. I averaged 16.1mph with a max speed of 20.3mph during a push interval. Average cadence was perfect at 90rpm as I stayed away from any high-speed spins with the fractured left bike crank arm...

Re-watch for motivation stage 11 on the DVD of the 2005 TdF as "Vino" is simply amazing during this day :-)


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

now this is a problem...

On a side note I'm kinda in a dilemia with my Cannondale after Monday nights computrainer course as after the spin-ups to max rpm ( i reached 167rpm on all three) I noticed my left crank arm loosening up...I stop 5 minutes later to tighten snug fit up to finish but in the last 5 minutes cool-down the retainer bolt worked out and fell out...I snugged it in again before I left but when I went to check/repair the bike last night I was not happy to see I fractured all the way throught the Grafton aluminum left crankarm at the taper square connection point...I provided picture links below of the carnage:

Now I'm still waiting for my new bike to be built both its gonna be another week or so.....so I maybe missing cycling class next Monday night because its too dangerous to ride on a fracture crank arm...boy I have got some serious cabin fever going this long winter in Chicagoland ;-)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Monday evening:

Week two of bike shop Computrainer 90 minute coached workout completed but with a few 'ole school tri-bike problems...left crank-arm bolt loosened up bigtime after high-speed spin & in the last cool down 5 minutes the bolt popped off…quite dangerous!!! The 8 rider set-up is of various drills, intervals & routines this week being slightly longer. I rode 28.6 miles for an average pace of 19.1mph and a max pace of 36.5mph during a spin-up drill. Average HR was at 119bpm with a max HR near the end on an interval of 159bpm. My average cadence was low for me at 87rpm with a max cadence during the spin-up at 167rpm. My baseline watts used for my profile I had the coach bump up to 245 with a max class wattage output of 424...

Fantastic class yet again as I hope I have my new bike by the next session...wishful thinking :-)


my Polar HR chart from the bike class...

Monday, January 26, 2009


I brought the new frameset home to study as Vince is waiting on my FSA ceramic BB (bottom bracket) & cranks to come in to get the assembly started...here's a few pic's I took of the tt/tri-bike fork last night...

The Ridley Dean's un-cut fork weighs in at 520 grams or 1-lb 2.5-oz...not a bad weight considering it's a larger aero-bladed carbon fiber fork with several layers of high quality painting processed on it...can you tell I have cabin fever it a big way! ;-)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Saturday morning:

Kristen & I ventured down to the lakefront where we starting running together at 7am as it was 5 degrees with a very brisk wind out of the NW making temps coller than 10 below zero...brrrrrrrr! I ran the opening 7 miles with K and we met up with 2 diehard friends which started at 8am as they ran 10 with Kristen - she ran 17 miles for the day!!!

I ran 5 additional miles solo at a pick-up pacing to run 12 miles for the day in 1:51:35 with an average HR of 128bpm & max push during the last half mile at 153bpm.

First 7 miles: 1:09:44 - AHR 121bpm
Last 5 miles: 41:47 - AHR 139bpm

...the base training continues :-)


Friday, January 23, 2009

calm before the blast...

Friday night:

Ran a recovery 4.1 miler in our neighborhood region afterwork in 35:30 with an average HR of 132bpm. The roads were clear due to the warmer weather over the last few days as I was able finally to wear my good 'ole Kayanos...

1st split 18:04 AHR 127bpm
2nd split 17:25 AHR 134bpm

massive coldfront moves through our region with big winds later tonight so it should make our lakefront run in the morning quite interesting!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

a brick in the wall...

Wednesday Evening:

In 2009 I set a new goal for myself to do more “Brick” workouts to help prepare myself for the up coming season of duathlons & triathlons. A brick workout for me consists of biking then getting in a run right afterwards to simulate a race scenario. Even with a TT/Tri-bike I find the bike to run change very difficult as my running legs are not trained properly for this racing…yet!

So I hopped on the tri-bike in the house on the Kinetic trainer for a pre-determined one hour ride with various drills & intervals thrown in for good measure to help get the HR going. I covered 15.1 miles in the 60 minute ride for an average pace of 15.2mph, max at 21mph plus average aerobic HR of 108bpm with a max at 142bpm on a push interval. Average cadence was at 90rpm with a max at 100rpm...

I watch the mountain stage 11 of the 2005 Tour de France DVD for inspiration as my favorite rider Alexander Vinokourov “Vino” crushed the competition this day…

...then I changed into my warm winter running clothes for an aerobic base run quickly after the hour bike ride. I ran for a time 50:13 which was a distance of 5.2 miles and average HR of 127bpm. As the streets and sidewalks are still messy from slushy snow & glazed ice I ran conversely as not to fall down…by the end of the run I was exhausted from the brick workout but it just what I needed...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

first bike shop computrainer class is in the books...

Monday evening:

First bike shop computrainer 90 minute coached workout is in the books for 2009! It's a 5 week course for me (since I signed up late) via the 8 rider set-up of various drills, intervals & routines. I wasn’t able to take the FTP 30 minute Time Trial a few weekends ago so I guess-ta-mated my baseline watts at used for my computer profiling at 240 watts. Also I’m still using my old Cannondale TT/Tri-bike so the rest of the values stay the same as last winter’s indoor biking sessions.

I rode 28.3 miles for an average pace of 18.3mph and a max pace of 33.6mph during a spin-up drill. Average HR was at 121bpm with a max HR near the end on an interval of 158bpm. My average cadence was spot-on at 92rpm with a max cadence during the spin-up at 165rpm. My max class wattage output of 353.

Below is a link to my Polar HR Program info from the 90 minute ride:

I had a fantastic class considering I have not ridden on my bike for at least 90 minutes since the half IM early August 2008…I’m already looking forward to next weeks cycling class :-)


Monday, January 19, 2009

recovery run...

Monday morning:

Since we get the day off from work I decided to get in a simple 4.1 mile recovery run around our neighborhood region. There's still alot of snow & ice on the sidewalk areas but I used the Salomon trail shoes with some sheet metal screws in them for the ultimate traction. It took 37:21 with an average HR of 130bpm and a max HR within the last mile as I picked up the pace at 142bpm...this run felt sooo much better than yesterdays!

Bike shop 90 minute cycling class starts tonight on the Computrainers...yeah!


the sloth returns...

Sunday morning:

Kristen & I headed down to Lake Michigan to get in our long run of the week. She needed to run 16 miles for her 50k race training and I informed her I would run as far as I could with her. It was 12 degrees and a strong WNW with the path being cleared for the most part. I was just barely able to run 10 miles with her as I informed Kristen I was headed back to the car as I was just plain exhausted that day and once again running like a "sloth"!!! My base training 12 miles was covered in 1:58:47 for an average HR of 125bpm, max HR at 135bpm while running thru snowdrifts near Montrose Harbor...K was a tough cookie and got in her 16 miler!


new cycling helmet for 2009...

With some christmas monies I rec'd over the holidays I found an awesome deal on a 2009 Giro Astana issue helmet via ebay...my old regular helmet was about 15 years old and way too un-safe...so since Astana has been my favorite Pro Cycling Team since mid-2006 when they started as a Pro Team I now have a cycling helmet to show my team support :-)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

the last 24 hours...

I went to the bike shop last night to checkout the frameset...it sure is pretty as a frame can be...we didn't un-wrap her totally as we packed the Dean back in the shipping box for the day she will be built sometime in the next two weeks...I go to the swap today to see if theres any bargains on a few components needed...the main being a wheelset for training needs...update: got a really great deal on a brand new set of Bontrager Race Lite Aero training rims for my new bike at the swap
Saturday afternoon:

Rode the tri-bike via the indoor trainer for 45 minutes today after returning from the bike swap locally. Recovery ride as I easy spun to 10.7 miles with an easy average speed of 14.2mph with a max of 19.8mph. Average HR was 108bpm with a max HR of 137bpm during a push interval as cadence average was kinda low for me today at 88rpm...my legs felt flat & heavy so I made it a simple recovery spin.

I watched 1st serious mtn stage 11 of the 2005 TdF via DVD as Lance cooked all the main GC contenders on the way up the last climb but Valverde won the stage...


Friday, January 16, 2009

got the call...

Got the call from my buddy Vince over Village CycleSport that my recently ordered Ridley Dean frameset had arrived at the shop on Thursday...I asked him if he opened the box to take a peak and he stated no as the bike stays in the box till the customer stops by for the initial visit for which I will be visiting tonight...I will take some pictures of the frameset and post them up :-)

Below is a link to where I first learned about the Ridley Dean early last July when it was introduced via the ProCycling team that rides them which is Silence-Lotto and this is GC contender Cadel Evans ride:

On a different note it's minus 17 here this morning without the wind chill...I haven't run since Sunday ;-) these are old school winters were finally having around here!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

cabin fever...

Wednesday night:

Yet again another night of free spinning on the 'ole dinosaur tri-bike on the Kinetic trainer for 45 minutes while watching stage 9 of the 2005 TdF via DVD which was the first real mtn stage of that years tour...back to my ride which was pretty un-eventful as I covered 11.2 miles with an average pacing of 14.9mph plus a max pace of 19.6mph right around the 35 minute last interval push. Average cadence was spot-on again for myself at 91 rpm and an average ride HR of 104bpm. My max HR during that last big push was at 133bpm…the ride felt good indeed :-)

I have been riding more indoors since the first of the year because next Monday evening 1.19.09 I start my 90 minute Computrainer class at my buddy’s bike shop with the 8 rider station. These are similar to what I did last winter as it tremendously helped my cycling base training for the whole 2008 cycling season…can’t wait to get started!


just spinning my wheels...

Tuesday evening:

Hopped on the old tri-bike via the Kinetic trainer for a 50 minute spin with no specifics at all...a what ever felt good kinda workout which it did. Covered 12.3 miles with an average speed of 14.7mph plus a max of 19.3mph during a smaller cassette ring pull for a few minutes. Average cadence was spot on at 91rpm with an average HR of 100bpm plus a max HR during the pulls at 132bpm...

Watched stages 5 thru 8 of the 2005 TdF via DVD for inspiration as Vino attacked a few times in the early mountain stages...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

make it a double please...

Sunday morning:

Decide to ride the tri-bike via the trainer in the house as puppy Obi watched me as he napped after his two mile walk. Watched stages 2 thru 5 of the 2005 TdF via DVD for inspiration. Really used this ride to flushout the running legs from the day before. Rode for 45 minutes for an easy average pace of 14.1mph as I coved 11 miles flat with an average HR of 100bpm plus my average cadence was at 89rpm...and Obi did nap the whole time :-)

Sunday early evening:

1st double workout day of 2009! Ran 5 miles in the neighborhood region on snow which was fine with me as that induced my quad usage more so...recovery run took 47:22 with an average HR of 129bpm. The base training continues...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a snowy lakefront run...

Saturday morning:

K & I headed down to the lakefront cautiously as we were in a middle of a Chicagoland snowstorm. We were happy to see 5 other diehard friends from the group show-up as the lakefront path was also plowed & salted north of Fullerton to past Foster. I ran with the ladies northward for the opening 4 miles and at the turn around I picked up the pace as I informed them I'd meet them at the cars at the end...got in 8 miles in 1:14:48 as my average HR was 130bpm.

- 1st 4 miles: 40:04 – AHR 123bpm
- 2nd 4 miles: 34:43 – AHR 143bpm – MHR 148bpm

The running went great with the lakefront being very majestic with all the fresh snowfall. Afterwards a few of us went out for a much needed breakfast!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's has been ordered...

The dream TT/Tri-bike frameset has been ordered thru my friends bike shop locally last Thursday...once it arrives it's will be built up with the components and I will be fitted at the shop properly - it's a Ridley Dean frameset!

Below are a couple pictures for visual reference :-)

some more pic's for a visual reference thru this link:http://flickr.com/photos/jasonwg/2756279781/in/set-72157606689794095/

below is an example only of a finished product Ridley Dean TT/Tri-bike for reference to what she might look like all put together...my components will be different and I will have a training wheelset instead is the biggest difference...it sure is a sweet bike!

Well here the good news that I have been waiting to talk about...this bike should help take me to the next level of cycling competition via Time Trials & Duathlon/Triathlons in 2009 and beyond :-)


Friday, January 9, 2009

the sloth runner...

Thursday evening:

When out for a run later with all good intentions of it being 7 miles but I only got in 5.6 miles in 53:35 AHR 122bpm because I was just plain old tired like a "Sloth" and couldn't find the groove...

at least the run is in the training books though ;-) wore the Puma trail shoes once again...


Thursday, January 8, 2009

ok so here's the scoop on the pic's...

Tuesday evening:

We received about an inch of fluff snow during the evening as it was continuing during my 6 mile run in the neighborhood region. I decided to run in my recently sheet metal screws addition to my Puma trail shoes. The added traction was great to say the least as I have provided a couple photo's below. I just need to add a few more near the front of the shoe for the ultimate traction in these given conditions.

I covered the 6 mile run in 54:05 for an average 9 minute mile pace plus average HR of 130bpm. I broke the run up into 3 loop sections; 2.4, 2.4 and 1.2 miles. The first loop is my warm-up time and I slowly picked up the pace after that point. Details below:

1st) 2.4 miles - 22:16 - AHR 124bpm
2nd) 2.4 miles - 21:41 - AHR 133bpm
3rd) 1.2 miles - 10:08 - AHR 138bpm

I gotta tell you this was one of my best run's in a very long time plus it was very peaceful outside with the light snow falling...


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a test...

more info to follow later...

cycling in the home...

Monday night:

With a Christmas gift certificate I had I purchased the comprehensive 12-hour DVD set of the 2005 Tour de France via amazon.com as a motivator to get back on the indoor trainer to get in some base training while stuck inside during the cold months of winter in our region. So I decided to get on with the bike training and through in the first DVD in the player and off I went riding with the two floor fans going to keep me cool…

I rode my tri-bike via the Kinetic rear wheel trainer for a 30 minute recovery ride and covered 7.3 miles at an average pace of 14.6mph. Average HR was 100bpm with a max HR of 126bpm as my average cadence was spot on at 92bpm.

It was a nice & relaxed ride as I watched the TV programming…


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

weekend of running...

Saturday morning:

K & I headed down to Lake Michigan to get in a long training run as she is preparing for the Lakefront 50k in early April 09. She ran a total of 14 miles that morning with a few of her friends also running the event. I choose a randow distnace of 11 miles since I'm in a base building phase of conditioning.

The first 3 miles I ran northward on the lakefront path with Kristen and Molly as they then turned around to pick-up their other training friends by Diversey Harbor. I continued to head northward as I picked up the pacing before turning around at the 4 mile point and thats when you felt the strong wind coming off frozen Lake Michigan out of the ESE direction. As I reached the startpoint by mile eight I notched out the pace for the last three miles to see how my body would react to the slight speedwork. I was able to run the last three miles in 23:59 feeling strong at the end...

So I completed the 11 mile run in 1:37:34 which is an average mile pace of 8:52 plus average HR of 135bpm plus max HR at the end of 157bpm. I felt good to get in a mid-distance training run during this cycle as I can still tell my body is slightly out of condition due to the December down time from exercising plus the additional body weight I'm carrying ;-)

Afterwards K & I headed out to one of our favorite breakfast joints in the city for a healthier meal :-)

Sunday mid-morning:

Went out for a recovery 4 mile run in the neighborhood region to see how my legs felt a day after 11 mile run. Felt ok as I forced myself to run at a conservative pace to help promote recovery. Finished the 4 in 36:55 with an average HR value of 124bpm

It felt good to get in the second run of 2009 in the training books for base conditioning :-)


Saturday, January 3, 2009

A review of the 2008 racing season...

In 2008 I had a very busy season of racing whether it was a running race, a triathlon or duathlon and a few of my favorite cycling time trials thrown in there for good measure. Below is a listing in order of what I raced in 2008:

March Madness Half Marathon 3.16.08
BoA Shamrock Shuffle 8k 3.30.08
Athens Ohio Marathon 4.06.08
Single Bong Cycling 20k Time Trial 4.13.08
Indy Mini Half Marathon 5.03.08
Galena Duathlon 5.17.08
Soldiers Field 10 Miler 5.24.08
BAAC Run for the Arts 10k 7.04.08
Whirlpool Steelhead Ironman 70.3 08.02.08 (turned Duathlon)
BoA Chicago Distance Classic 8.10.08
Pleasant Prairie International Distance Triathlon 8.17.08
ABD Fall Fling 10 Mile Cycling Time Trial 10.04.08
BoA Chicago Marathon 10.12.08
ING New York City Marathon 11.02.08
Tecumseh Trail Marathon 12.06.08

That's alot of racing for me but I enjoyed each event as they all pose their unique challenges. Below I have picked my "Favorite Top 3 Races of 2008"

  1. ABD Cycling 10 mile Time Trial:
  2. Tecumseh Trail Marathon :
  3. Pleasant Prairie Olympic Distance Triathlon:

Thanks for stopping by to read about my year in review :-)

Here's to a great 2009 season to all !!!


First run of 2009 is in the books...

Ran down by windy Lake Michigan this early morning...