"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went" - Will Rogers

Friday, November 28, 2008

Obie at the beach...

His first visit to Lake Michigan at 15 weeks old...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

some training info...

Thursday evening 11.20.08:

Headed over to the health club to run on the indoor track after work but GI issues all day and into the evening cut this run short to an interrupted several times 3 miler in 26:11 with an average HR of 121bpm…not a fun attempted run…

Saturday morning 11.22.08:

Kristen & I headed over to our friends house in Lombard for the group gathering for their annual 8 mile run on the Illinois Prairie Path with a wonderful breakfast set-up for afterwards. I ran with K’s "Bandit" group as they call themselves during the winter/spring training month’s post-chicago. We all ran the 8 miles together in 1:17:23 with my average HR at 115bpm. Afterwards we had an awesome breakfast feast and socialized with everyone as all the girls are planning on running the Pig Marathon next May…great time :-)

Sunday morning 11.23.08:

As Tecumseh approaches quickly I headed back out to the hills of Barrington to get in a mid-distance long run for the weekend as I prepare for the hilly trail marathon. It was a perfect day for a run as I saw several groupings of deer near the mansions of this beautiful region. I covered the hilly 10.6 mile loop in a comfortable time of 1:34:19 which is a 8:53 mile pace plus my average HR was at 132bpm…it was a great way to cap-off a good weekend of running!

Tuesday evening 11.25.08:

After work I ran a recovery run in the neighborhood for 6 miles in 54:49 with an average HR of 123bpm. Both of my hamstrings were screaming at me so I forced myself to run at a total recovery pace…hopefully this feeling won’t last the rest of the week ;-)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

thanks everyone :-)

Things have been kinda hectic in my life right now especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner. Exercise wise I have been maintaining my running base towards the Tecumseh Trail Marathon on December 6th 2008 but it has been very tough for me motivational wise post New York City Marathon...oh well I'm planning on just having a fun time at the trail marathon as a few of my friends are also running in it this year :-)


Have a great day everyone!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Puppy Obie pic from 11.6.08...

I will have to post some pic's this weekend as he grown so much already...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

just a run...

Tuesday mid-day:

Ran a recovery run in the neighborhood region mid-day of 6.4 miles in 56:17 with an average HR of 129bpm. The temps were nice and cool outside with plenty of sunshine also!

Yet another training run in the books...


Monday, November 17, 2008

the cold winds and hilliness...

Sunday morning:

I needed to get in a semi-long run this day as I’m gearing up for the Tecumseh trail marathon (Bloomington, IN) on December 6th 2008 which is 5 weeks post the NYC marathon we ran few weeks back plus the Chicago marathon was just 3 weeks prior to that race…confusing…yes ;-)

So I headed out to Barrington Hills for a hilly semi-long run for which I started at 6:30am while the sun hasn’t even hit the horizon yet this time of the year. It was a crisp 26 degrees but the winds were quite strong out of the NNW at a constant 18mph. I also carried my Solomon twin water bottle belt as hydration/nutrition is critical on this loop run. Plus I added some mileage and extra hilliness early on into the training run to the loop distance since I hear this trail marathon is quite a challenge. I ran the training run at a comfortable pace from the beginning to the end.

I covered 15 miles in 2:13:44 with an average HR of 134bpm and my max HR was near the end as I was heading towards the parking area at 151bpm on a slight downhill. I felt mentally strong getting in a good semi-long run just two weeks post-NY as I plan on running Tecumseh as a fun run for the experience…


Friday, November 14, 2008

wow...another run...

Thursday evening:

Headed back over to the health club indoor track after work to get in a 50 minute run at a comfortable pace. I wore for the first time my new Asics DS Trainer 13’s which felt quite nice compared to the Kayano 14’s I normally run in. My sports chiro wants me to try a lesser stability shoe in the off-season because the Kayano’s are too much stability for me and is effecting my proper foot movement while running.

So I ran for 51:32 as I covered 6.2 miles on the indoor track as my legs felt better during this run and the shoes felt light on my feet.

On a different note since my return from NYC I have visited my doctor and been to the hospital for specific testing several times to hopefully find out some answers to my health issues…the off-season from running right now is the proper time to do this for myself…more testing early next week.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

i have finally returned to exercising...

Tuesday evening 11.11.08:

Ok…so this was the first bit of any sort of exercising I have done since running the New York City Marathon with Kristen on November 2nd 2008…my body needed the much needed rest from exercising as my running legs felt very "flat" at the NYCM…

So afterwork on Tuesday evening I decided to run on the health club track based only on time instead of specific mileage…I haven’t run on the HC in about 18 months time so it was a very nice change of pace. Five laps on the indoor track make up one mile in distance so it’s pretty nice for an indoor track set-up. The night before I was at my sports ortho chiropractor doc so she really beat up my legs with the MAT treatment session for which you feel sore for two days after the treatment.

I took the run easy to help heal up my legs as I ran for 45:22 for which I covered 5.2 miles during this time frame with an average HR of 130bpm. The run felt good to at least tell me I remember how to run but I’m still suffering from the same problem since April of this year – severe left glute & hamstring pain while running which really limits my pace & stride capabilities. It’s frustrating to say the least


Monday, November 10, 2008

Our newest family member...

I would like to introduce everyone to our newest family member "Obie" short for obi-wan...he is a 12 week old wavy coated Portuguese Water Dog which we brought home later last week after our return from NYC...he is quite the energetic young puppy as one would expect ;-)

So since things have been pleasantly busy in another way I have not exercised since the NYCM but thats perfectly fine as my body needs a break from running every now and then :-)


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Short note about the NYCM...

On Sunday Kristen and I ran the New York City Marathon together to enjoy the experience. Her finish time was a strong 4:18:59 as mine was a 4:19:00 even...it was the second marathon for both of us in three weeks time! Also we did alot of touristy things while on Manhattan which made for a great long weekend...I shall write-up a proper race report later this week :-)


Kristin Armstrong day on Sunday October 26th 2008...

On this past Sunday 10.26.2008 our friends whom own Runners High n' Tri in Arlington Heights, IL had a very special guest they brought into town for the day - Kristin Armstrong...she won the Gold Medal in Beijing this past August for Team USA in the Women's Cycling Time Trial. Below are some pic's I took that day as it would take me hour's to report on this great opportunity!

The group of us that ran 4.5 miles with Kristin early morning on Sunday...

Some of our runner friends children posing with the Champion and the gold...
Of course brian had to get a picture with Mrs. Armstrong too...

Here's a pic I took of the ladies after Kristin's presentation speak in the later afternoon...l to r...Our friend Jillian (whom is racing in Florida Ironman this past Saturday & is now an Ironman!), Kristin and my Kristen...

This was a fantastic experience for all to meet Kristin Armstrong that day...she is absolutely a fantastic & very nice person and also very competitive which is how she focused on this one event & met that dream :-)