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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Continuing Obi pic's...

And there goes Obi jumping & leaping into the lake after the tennis ball on Memorial Day 05.25.2009...he alsolutely loves water!

Friday, May 29, 2009

a proper chainring...

now the Dean has a proper 54t chainring for big gear pushing on the flat TT's...the test will be at this Sunday's 30k Time Trial in southern Wisconsin!

been away...

Been out of town due to work reasons which has meant that I have not exercised since Monday evening and I feel completely out of shape at this point...

Will have to change that pattern this weekend though :-)


Sunday, May 24, 2009

the Dean awaits...

its early Sunday morning mid-distance ride...

just a tired run...

Friday morning:

Woke-up early to get in with all intentions a recovery five miler but by mile one I could tell my body was exhasted...by mile two I usually start to feel better but not this day. I called it a day at only 3.4 miles into the run as I finally listened to what my body was telling me...to stop for the day. Run time was 32:26 with an average HR of 112bpm...

Saturday was a complete rest from any sort of exercising day for me...much needed!!!


Friday, May 22, 2009

group ride mile repeats...

Thursday evening:

Went over to the Village Cycle Sports group interval ride that happens every Thursday throughout the outdoor riding season. The weather was warm and a very strong WSW wind which made things a bit of a challenge but its all good. The area they ride at is about a 2 and a half mile rectangle box as each straight away is just over 1.2 miles long. Lots of people showed up again due to the nice weather which always leads to a large peleton group ride. This is fine if bike racing is your main sport but for tri/du/tt'ers whom drafting is illegal it’s a challenge to get in a clean shot at pushing your own air.

During my warm-up first couple loops I would drop way off the back of the group so I was able to push my own air during those mile repeats. After my legs felt warm-up I worked my way out front of the larger grouping and was able to get on 5 – one mile repeats solo focusing on aero-positioning and getting the power to the ground to maximize the repeat. On by last loop which I use as a cool-down I found a group of friends and on course I pushed the last mile repeat with the 5 of them. Below are some of my better one mile cycling repeats with time and average & max speed:

2:34 – average 23.3mph – max 26.9mph
2:16 – average 26.4mph – max 28.5mph
2:16 – average 26.4mph – max 30.4mph
2:10 – average 27.5mph – max 30.5mph

I rode for 1:08:52 for 22 miles which is an average pace of 19.2mph and a max speed of 30.9mph plus my average HR was at 123bpm with a max on the big push of 151bpm. Overall my performance was good out there but my legs & body were feeling the fatigue from Wednesday night running 1k track repeats…


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pup Obi the PWD after his summer cut...

will he grow into his ears? k sez no...

group track workout...

Wednesday evening:

Last night I headed out to Harper College for my first official Fast Track Running Group track workout of the 2009 season. I ran a 2.25 mile warm-up on the track to get my body ready for tonight’s workout. They had a “lite” repeat session schedule as most of the runners there are racing the Soldiers Field 10 miler this Saturday. On the plate they were running 2 by 1000 meters with 60 second rest between those two then a 90 second rest before a one mile time trial then 90 seconds rest before 2 more 1000 meter repeats with 60 seconds rest between them. Since it was my first time out there this year and I had a strong two-day race weekend last Saturday & Sunday I choose to run 5 by 1000 meters with focusing my closing speed in the last 200 meters. As a group we all ran 6 by 100 meter stride-out to warm-up the fast-twitch muscles…below are my repeats time with average & max HR per each:

4:30 – AHR 149bpm – MHR 159bpm
4:26 – AHR 153bpm – MHR 159bpm
4:24 – AHR 147bpm – MHR 162bpm
4:30 – AHR 154bpm – MHR 162bpm
4:29 – AHR 154bpm – MHR 165bpm

Ran a cool-down 1 mile afterwards so I covered a total of 7.5 miles in 1:03:38 with an average HR of 134bpm. I felt great out there this evening as I hit my HR red-zone on each of them to help an-aerobic development of my base training towards the Chicago Marathon 2009 :-)


Here is my Polar chart from the workout:

Fast Track Racing Team:
Tuesday evening:

As I took Monday off as a rest day from my two days of racing I decided to go out on a really ez recovery run this nice evening. My legs & body were still tired as I slothed through 5 miles in 48:26 with an average HR of 119bpm...but I did feel better knowing I got this recovery run in the books for the record ;-)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today's TT's results...

20k TT's today productive - won cat. 5 @ medaled in 40-49 class...tired legs now but very well worth it!

TT time...

is here in Barstow, IL for the 20k TT's today - flat wind...yes!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big winds today...

just how windy it was at todays Galena Tri/Du...

Galena results...

my time at the Galena Duathlon...good enough for a surprise O/A Win in my A/G!


6am and HUGE headwinds already in the bike course direction...oh well.

Friday, May 15, 2009

i wanna go now...

Well as I'm working a half day today I will head out to Galena sometime this afternoon to get settled in at where I'm staying then I will drive the "new" bike course twice (out & back) since its very important to know the course thru the hilliness of Galena especially on the steeper downhill desents...

I shall report from the road the next time you hear from me :-)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

refreshing return to running...

Thursday morning:

Woke-up to a perfect cool & crisp morning here in our region after having taken two days of complete rest from exercising. Ran another easy paced 5.1 miler in 44:25 with an average HR of 123bpm and a max at one point of 137bpm. My legs & body felt refreshed from the rest days so I’m hoping I feel this well on both Saturday & Sunday of this weekend at my races!

Big race weekend for me this Saturday & Sunday May 16th & 17th 2009...On Saturday I will be racing my favorite duathlon out in Galena, Illinois: http://www.galena.org/triathlon

then after that I will drive down by the Quad Cities to race a 20k Time Trial (twice) on Sunday: http://dicecycling.com/uploads/2009_20K_TT_Barstow_Flyer-4.pdf

Can't wait...follow my google blog, facebook & twitter account for updates throughout the race weekend!!!


recovery monday...

Monday morning:

Ran a really ez 5.1 miler this morning in 46:39 with an average HR of 113bpm as legs glutes, ham's and quads were feeling the efforts from yesterdays great hilly bike ride...

Tuesday and Wednesday are complete rest days as I have a race on Saturday & Sunday of this next weekend :-)


My Galena Du race # on the Dean...

lucky # maybe I should play the lotto?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the Dean patiently awaiting this Saturday...

but can I?

the hydro tail on...

the Dean...not that I need this for the Galena Du but you gotta test the long course stuff plus it makes racking the bike super easy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

a nice longer ride...

Sunday morning:

After no long run on Saturday as I just needed a break from it for at least one weekend so far this year as I already had plans to get in a longer hilly bike ride on Sunday morning. I haven’t had much outdoor ride time in this season yet as the weather has been not so cooperative especially during the weekends plus I needed some more saddle time on the Ridley Dean TT bike especially at the mid-distance ride time. The Galena Duathlon is next Saturday so I also wanted to make sure the bike & I were working right before the hills of Galena.

I parked the car early (6:45am) Sunday morning in a Park & Recreation lot close to the Cary Grove high school where the March Madness half marathon starts and ends at in mid-March. This region is really the starting point is for where the hilliness is in our region so this is why I choose this region to ride in as from there I was able to get in 4 repeats up the March Madness mile 9 hill climb plus I was able to head northwest from this region get in a long ride towards McHenry. About the halfway point between these two cities on the county roads is even a steeper hill that I eventually worked 8 hill climb repeats in also. The rest of the ride has a lot of rolling hills to it but none as steep as those two which is fine as those repeats allow me to test my current abilities and most important to make sure I have enough teeth on my largest cassette gear for me to be able to handle Galena which I’m happy to say it does!

I timed the ride perfectly as I wanted to ride for 2.5 hours at intense training pace. I rode 46 miles in 2:30:02 for an average hilly pace of 18.4mph with a max coasting down the bigger down hill at 35.8mph free wheeling as the bike was rock solid at speed. My average HR for the ride was at 127bpm which a max HR on my last hill climb repeat at 150bpm as I pushed it standing up on the pedals which for me takes more effort that sitting while climbing but I was tiring at this point.

After I packed up everything in the car and was heading home I realized that was one fantastic ride for myself this earlier in the outdoor cycling season plus that Ridley Dean sure is one awesome bike :-)


9 month old puppy Obi at lunchtime today...

think it's hair cut time :-)

Friday, May 8, 2009

some morning 200's...

Friday morning:

Since I wasn’t too happy with my Indy Mini time last Saturday as my legs felt very flat during that race I decided to run 10 by 200 meters with 45 second recovery between each for this early, humid morning as I prepare for the ever awesome, nice & Hilly Galena Duathlon on Saturday May 16th 2009. Once again I ran these in our neighborhood as I have the distance tracked out perfectly for accuracy so I ran a 1.4 mile warm-up as I leapt into the first 200 after my body was properly at temperature…below are my repeats time with average & max HR per each:

44sec – AHR 130bpm – MHR 142bpm
44sec – AHR 125bpm – MHR 142bpm
44sec – AHR 133bpm – MHR 146bpm
42sec – AHR 131bpm – MHR 144bpm
41sec – AHR 137bpm – MHR 146bpm
42sec – AHR 137bpm – MHR 146bpm
42sec – AHR 138bpm – MHR 148bpm
42sec – AHR 140bpm – MHR 150bpm
42sec – AHR 139bpm – MHR 149bpm
42sec – AHR 141bpm – MHR 153bpm

Ran a cool-down 1.3 miles afterwards so I covered a total of 4.5 miles in 41:20 with an average HR of 124bpm. My times were very good and consistent especially after the first 3 of them. I felt great out there this morning as I hit my target zone for this distance every time which is a big confidence booster towards next weekends duathlon!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

just a story for now but maybe...

Rumor has it that just maybe...

that Alexander Vinokourov could make a return to racing at this years Tour of Spain 2009!!!

I sure would like to see that happen please...UCI please!!!

Go Vino Go!!!


also please I wouldn't mind having one of those awesome Specialized TT helmets from the 2007 design team ;-)


spun at home...

Wednesday evening:

With strong rain & t-storms in the area I scrubbed my run and decided to ride the 'old Cannondale via the Kinetic rear wheel trainer in the home as the Galena duathlon is coming up quickly on May 16th 2009. I rode the bike for exactly one hour while watching the finally stages of the 2005 TdF on DVD via the TV for inspiration!

I managed to get in 16.4 miles in that hour ride with a max speed at one point of 27.7mph with an average HR of 112bpm plus max HR at 132bpm. My average cadence was perfect at 93rpm and max at 101rpm as this helps flushout my legs from the weekend race...

Glad I got in that spin ride in the home as at least I still know how to bike ;-)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

post-race recovery...

Tuesday evening:

Set out on my first run post Indy Mini and my legs felt great during a 4 mile recovery run tonight...a sure sign I did not push myself enough at the Indy Mini half marathon...GRRRRR!

35:57 - AHR 119bpm - MHR 131bpm


IM in the future?

Well my wife Kristen, myself and 3 good friends signed up on Monday to be Volunteers at the September 2009 Ironman Wisconsin - Madison...were working the bike-out transition which means I get to see all the good techy bike stuff ;-)

Also when you volunteer you get the chance to register for the 2010 race because these things sell-out ultra quick...time for the big show!

Monday, May 4, 2009

quick stat's from the Indy Mini half on Saturday...

Saturday May 2nd 2009:

My 2009 stats at this fun race...

Brian Hellweg
bib number: 2347
age: 48
gender: M
location: Des Plaines, IL
overall place: 1992 out of 30196
division place: 186 out of 1656
gender place: 1722 out of 14335
chip time: 1:40:32
pace: 7:41
5m: 38:51
10m: 1:16:58
guntime: 1:42:49

a decent time but my legs had no "pop" to them...bummer but it happens some times!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

the indy mini facts...

not what I was looking for in the half this morning but it will do...

My Indy Mini bib...

for this mornings half marathon...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hydration is key the day before a race...

Especially while headed south on I-65 to Indy...